Publised date : 23 Nov 2015

John Swinney MSP has today [Monday] celebrated news that Coupar Angus in his Perthshire North constituency is to share in a £1.7 million fund aimed at helping communities across Scotland revitalise their areas.

Offers have gone out to 21 town centre groups which will help communities deliver capital projects and Forward Coupar Angus, the East Perthshire town’s volunteer led community group, has secured £66,780 form the fund.

Speaking of the investment John Swinney said:

“I’m delighted to see Forward Coupar Angus deliver yet again for the town by securing this substantial Scottish Government funding here in Perthshire North.

“This investment in community organisations across Scotland supports enterprising communities, like Forward Coupar Angus, and allows them to deliver improvements within their communities.

“This cash boost of £66, 780 can now be invested in Meg’s Café – the Heart of Coupar Angus’ creating a community asset which will help make Coupar Angus an even more attractive and thriving place to live and work.

“Funding like this ably demonstrates the Scottish Government’s commitment to the third sector and to communities playing their part in economic and social development.”

Concluding John Swinney said:

“Well done to all the team who worked on this bid and I look forward to seeing first-hand the results of not only this investment but also the community vision which underpins it.”

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