Publised date : 16 Jul 2015

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney has welcomed a £4,000 grant for local charity, Perth & District YMCA, from Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland. Every year, the Foundation distributes just under £1 million through its Henry Duncan Awards programme to grassroots charities working in their local communities.

Perth & District YMCA has been awarded the grant £4,000 to towards the salary of the Youth Worker for the drop-in for vulnerable young people aged 18 to 25 years.

Commenting John Swinney said:

“This award shows how Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland continues to be at the heart of funding local communities.

“I am delighted that the local YMCA was successful with their application. This will enable them to continue their important work in my constituency. I am aware that all the volunteers and staff at Perth YMCA put their time and energy into working with and for young people.

“As these Henry Duncan grants go on staff and running costs I am sure the additional youth worker will a valuable addition to the team”

Fiona Duncan, Chief Executive of Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland, added:

 “We renamed our standard grants programme as the Henry Duncan Awards because we wanted to honour this great Scot whose actions ultimately led to the establishment of the Foundation. Today, we remain focused on funding local charities which aim to improve the quality of life for people who are disadvantaged. This and every year, we put nearly £1 million of funding into Scotland’s communities.  We are proud of the difference we make.”

Notes to Editors

1.         For 30 years, Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland has contributed to improving the lives of disadvantaged individuals and communities all across Scotland. The Foundation has given out over £97 million in grants and made almost 14,000 awards to countless charities.  In 2014, the grant maker challenged itself to be bold and pioneering when devising a new strategy to help meet the ever-changing needs of Scottish communities.

2.         The Foundation’s main grants programme, called the Henry Duncan Awards, is for grassroots charities working in local communities with people who are disadvantaged. It has six funding rounds per year and the next deadlines for applications are 20th July and 14th September. At its June 2015 meeting, the Board of Trustees agreed to make 48 grant awards putting over £177,910 of funding into communities all over Scotland. More information about the work of the Foundation is available at

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