Publised date : 03 Feb 2017

Perthshire North MSP, John Swinney, has welcomed the Scottish Budget and the massive boost it represents to Perth and Kinross and local education.

As a result of the Budget, schools in Perthshire North will receive, directly from the Scottish Government, over £700,000 in new money to spend on closing the attainment gap. In addition, Perth and Kinross Council will receive £4.544 million more as a result of the agreement reached to implement the Budget. As a result of the entire budget the amount of money available to spend on local services in Perth and Kinross, including social care, increases by £13.845 million (5.40%).

Commenting, Mr Swinney said :

"The Scottish Budget is excellent news for Perthshire North. There is a boost to schools of £700,000 directly to tackle the attainment gap, more money for police services, and an extra £4.544 million for Perth and Kinross Council to invest in local services.

"The Budget delivers record investment in our health services with £304 million in new funding, supports the roll out of broadband, means 100,000 small businesses pay no business rates at all and delivers the funding to dual the A9. The Budget freezes income tax rates and asks the 10% highest earners to forego a tax cut.

"The Scottish Government has to reach agreement with other parties to secure support for the Budget. The Scottish Greens engaged in serious discussions and secured benefits for people. The Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats played a pathetic game of party political posturing.

"The Conservatives voted against reductions in small business rates and against investment in broadband. The Conservatives voted against dualling the A9 and they voted against investing £4.544 million more in local services in Perthshire. The Tories have ill-served the people of this area.

"I am glad a responsible SNP Government has been able to deliver a Budget that invests in our communities, public services and our economy and has defeated the posturing of the local Tories."


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