Publised date : 24 Nov 2020

The latest data on Covid-19 cases in Perth and Kinross have shown a 31% increase in the last week along with a rise in 0.8% in the number of tests being returned as positive.

Commenting on the latest data, Perthshire North MSP and Deputy First Minister John Swinney said :

“The rise in the number of Covid-19 cases in Perth and Kinross in recent days is deeply troubling. A 31% rise in cases, at a time when cases across Scotland have fallen by 8%, demonstrates the seriousness of the situation.

“This rise demonstrates that, despite the difficulties it causes, the decision by the Scottish Government to move the area to Level 3 restrictions was the correct decision.

“In her Statement to the Scottish Parliament today, the First Minister has made clear that the levels in Perth and Kinross are causing further concern and nobody wants the area to have to move to any further level of restriction.

“To avoid that, it is absolutely vital that all of us play our part in following the guidelines in place to ensure we minimise the risk of further transmission.

“I encourage Perth and Kinross Council to strengthen the measures in place, and the messages being issued, to help to reduce the transmission of the virus. I also encourage Police Scotland to do all that they can to enforce the regulations.

“Above all else, I encourage everyone in our community to show solidarity, minimise social contact and follow the rules so that we can see a reduction in the circulation of the virus. 

“I am so grateful to everyone for the sacrifices that have been made. With a vaccine on the horizon, we have a chance to return to a more normal life if we reduce the prevalence of the virus. That is a prize worth working for.”

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