Publised date : 03 Aug 2016

Perthshire North MSP, John Swinney, yesterday (Tuesday 2 August) joined local children on a holiday activities day at the site of a new outdoor nursery in rural Perthshire.

Operated by Wild Sparks, the new nursery will run from a site in the Keithick Estate woodland between Coupar Angus and Burrelton. Open to children aged 3-5, and with spaces for up to 14 children, the new nursery will follow an example set by the Secret Garden, in Fife, one of the very first outdoor nurseries to open in Scotland.

Visiting the location of the new nursery, Mr Swinney said:

“It was a pleasure to spend time with Wild Sparks’ staff today on one of their holiday activities days, before their new outdoor nursery is up and running. I was particularly pleased to see so many happy, energetic children enjoying their summer holidays outdoors, playing in the beautiful Perthshire countryside. 

“Eastern Perthshire is an excellent location for an outdoor nursery. I welcome the hard work the Wild Sparks team have already put in, and I am sure their new nursery will be very popular with both parents and children. 

“The Scottish Government has made outdoor learning a part of its Curriculum for Excellence, and I am delighted that Wild Sparks will soon be providing outdoor nursery education in Perthshire.”

Founded in 2014, Wild Sparks runs regular holiday sessions throughout the summer in Alyth and Atholl woods, as well as working with nearby schools to provide outdoor education.

The new nursery will be partially funded by a grant provided by the Big Lottery Fund’s Investing in Ideas fund.

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