Publised date : 28 Oct 2018

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, has visited Corbenic Camphill Community to meet with staff, volunteers and residents of the community.
The community, which was set up near Dunkeld 40 years ago, is comprised of approximately 100 people, 38 of whom are adults with special needs. Set in 100 acres of land, it is made up of six households and a variety of workshops. Residents live and work side by side with voluntary co-workers and employed staff.

During his visit, Mr Swinney unveiled a new bench on Corbenic’s Poetry Path – a walk through the woodlands that sees over 30 poems installed at strategic points along the route. Additionally, Mr Swinney spoke to staff about the challenges that Brexit would present for the community, particularly with regards to the recruitment of international volunteers. 

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:
“I was honoured to unveil a stunning new bench on Corbenic Camphill Community’s Poetry Path.

“Corbenic Camphill Community is a Perthshire institution, which has enriched the lives of countless individuals for four decades. It is an organisation centred around faith, dignity and respect, which aims to nurture the individuality and talent of all those living within the community. I am delighted to be able to offer my support to such a worthwhile organisation and to meet those who are instrumental in its success.

“I was also deeply concerned to hear of the challenges that Corbenic face, both from Brexit and from the increased level of refusals in Tier 5 Charity Visa applications. The contribution of foreign volunteers to Corbenic is profound, and it is disappointing to hear that UK Government policy is now threatening Corbenic’s capacity to deliver care and support services.”

Jon Plunkett, Team Leader at Corbenic Camphill Community, added:

“The bench has been a collaborative project between our Estate and Craft Workshop Teams and has been designed and made with input from many of the residents who live in our community as well as volunteers and students from all over Europe and beyond who come to give their time to Corbenic and support the work we do. 

“We see the new bench as a testament to value we place on creativity, individuality and diversity here at Corbenic and Mr Swinney seemed like an ideal person to unveil it for us.”

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