Publised date : 24 Oct 2016

Perthshire North MSP, John Swinney, has encouraged constituents to get ready for winter by using services available from Home Energy Scotland.


Funded by the Scottish Government, Home Energy Scotland offers free, impartial advice and support to help people across the country save energy, keep warm, and reduce their fuel bills.


Anybody who has particular concerns about heating their home, or is worried about the cost of their fuel bills, can contact Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 for free, to enquire what help might be available to them.


Commenting, Mr Swinney said:


“With temperatures starting to fall, and the clocks going back, people will be starting to turn on their central heating more regularly, and for longer periods each night. For some people, winter can be a very expensive time of year with additional fuel costs – especially if their home is large, or otherwise difficult to heat.


“Home Energy Scotland offers a valuable, free service to anybody who is concerned about heating their home. If anybody in Perthshire North is concerned about how much their fuel bills will cost this winter, I would strongly encourage them to contact Home Energy Scotland, as soon as possible, to discuss what assistance they may be able to receive.”


As well as offering advice on home heating, Home Energy Scotland can also help with queries about home heating grants including the Scottish Government’s Warmer Homes Scotland scheme which can save householders, on average, £350 per year on their heating bills. As well as their Freephone number, Home Energy Scotland offer a website with further, helpful information:

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