Publised date : 20 Mar 2018

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, has paid tribute to the hard work of local campaigner Abby Lang, for her work with Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) in seeking to raise awareness of Young Sudden Cardiac Death (YSCD).

Miss Lang, who is from Longforgan and is currently the Head Girl at Harris Academy in Dundee, is studying for her Scottish Baccalaureate in Science. Her work seeks to publicise the dangers of YSCD, which has been found to kill at least a dozen people aged 35 and under every week in the UK, with 80% of those dying displaying no prior symptoms.

Commenting on Abby’s efforts and the CRY campaign, Mr Swinney said:

“I am very impressed by Abby’s knowledge and passion about what is clearly a very serious issue. Her tireless efforts to raise awareness of this condition could literally save lives.

“CRY do very important work throughout the country. It is vital that young people are aware of the risk of heart problems and I commend Abby for her work in attempting to bring this subject to the public’s attention.

“With 2018 being the Scottish Government’s “Year of Young People”, there is no better time for this issue to be highlighted. I am looking forward to welcoming Abby to the Scottish Parliament later this year to deliver the Time for Reflection speech and to work further with her in order to raise awareness of the CRY campaign.”

The CRY campaign seeks to prevent young sudden cardiac deaths through awareness, screening and research, as well as supporting affected families. CRY also offers mobile screening facilities for people aged 14-35 and conducts research into sudden cardiac deaths in young people.

Abby, a member of the Delivery Panel for the Sunday Mail Young Scot Awards 2018, will attend the Scottish Parliament on 19th June 2018 to deliver the Time for Reflection speech, following sponsorship from John Swinney MSP and Joe Fitzpatrick MSP.

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