Publised date : 31 Oct 2023

John Swinney, MSP for Perthshire North, has today raised the issue of A9 delays in the Scottish Parliament.
Mr Swinney raised the matter in the Chamber with Fiona Hyslop MSP, the Transport Minister. The delays are a result of SGN starting work on a gas pipe replacement project underneath the A9. As a result, there have been traffic jams lasting for up to three hours, with local residents and businesses being badly affected. The works are due to continue for a further 17 weeks.
In response to questioning on the issue, Ms Hyslop confirmed that, following multiple conversations with Mr Swinney, she had met with senior SGN management regarding the issue. As a result, SGN have committed to re-assessing their roadworks strategy. As part of this process, they have agreed to pause their works between the 3rd November and the evening of Sunday 5th November. 

 Speaking afterwards, Mr Swinney said: “I was pleased to raise this important matter with the Transport Minister. I have been contacted by hundreds of constituents who have been impacted by these ill-conceived works, and who share my view that it is simply not reasonable or sustainable to have this level of disruption last another 17 weeks.

“To that end, I welcome the personal intervention of the Transport Minister. I have had several discussions with the Minister over this topic, and was keen to impress in the Chamber the chaos that SGN are causing for local residents and businesses.

“It is positive news that SGN have agreed to re-assess their overall roadworks strategy, and I welcome the confirmation that the will pause their works for this upcoming weekend. Whilst this is an important first step, I will continue to press SGN to abandon their current plans entirely and ensure that my constituents can go about their business free from this unacceptable level of disruption.”

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