Publised date : 10 Jan 2020

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, has congratulated a local school pupil on their contribution to the Scarf 2020 Schools Calendar.

The calendar, produced in conjunction with Scottish Water, seeks to raise awareness over how to tackle the climate emergency and in particular how to be efficient in our water usage.

Pupils from across the North East were invited to submit drawings around the theme of using water wisely, with 13 drawings in total being selected for the calendar.

Local pupil Maya King, of Abernyte Primary, was one of the entrants whose artwork was chosen to be included in the calendar. 

She visited the Scottish Parliament yesterday for an award ceremony, and was presented with a certificate of achievement by Mr Swinney. 

Commenting, Mr Swinney said: 

“I am delighted that Maya’s entry has been recognised with a place in this year’s Scarf calendar.

“With the climate emergency more pressing than ever, it is vital that we all take simple, everyday steps to reduce our carbon footprint. More efficiently using water is one such step that we can all take.

Maya’s artwork raises awareness of this vital issue, and it is great to see young people across Scotland taking the lead on this matter. Maya, and all entrants to the competition, should be rightly proud of their efforts, and I extend my warmest congratulations to them all.”

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