Publised date : 16 Mar 2020

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, has today formally submitted his views to Dundee City Council on the future of Invergowrie pupils attending Harris Academy.

Mr Swinney has written directly to Paul Clancy, Executive Director of Children and Families Services at Dundee City Council, to set out his views. Over the previous weeks, Mr Swinney has also met with parents of Invergowrie pupils and held discussions with elected members of Dundee City Council.

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“I am pleased to formally submit my views to Dundee City Council’s consultation, and to reaffirm once more my strong support for pupils and families based in Invergowrie.

“The current Harris Academy arrangements pay appropriate heed to the unique set of circumstances faced by families living in Invergowrie, and ensure that children from the area are given the best chance of success.

“Within my submission, I have set out a number of reasons as to why I feel Dundee City Council’s proposals are flawed. I have also outlined potential options that can be explored in order to safeguard the future educational opportunities of pupils based both in Invergowrie and the wider Dundee area.

“From working closely with parents based in Invergowrie, it is clear that there is huge opposition to Dundee City Council’s proposals and that a concerted, community-led effort is underway to highlight the damage they will cause. I am hopeful that the strength of this feeling will be properly conveyed, and that Dundee City Council will show a willingness to significantly alter their plans.”

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