Publised date : 25 Jul 2019

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, has today thrown his support being a campaign to provide free school uniforms to families.
The scheme, set up and run by Councillor Tom McEwan and his family, allows parents to donate their child’s old school uniforms, which are then available free of charge to other families.

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“This is an excellent, community-based initiative that will make the lives of local parents easier, whilst reducing the local area’s environmental footprint via the re-use of uniforms.

“Cllr McEwan shares the Scottish Government’s aim of making sure that no parent should have to worry about the cost of school uniforms. It is for this reason that the Scottish Government introduced a school clothing grant to help those on low incomes.”

“I congratulate Cllr McEwan on the successful rollout of this scheme, and I am sure it will prove popular with parents and children alike.”

Cllr McEwan added:

“I have been in close contact with the Parent Councils in Rattray, Newhill, St Stephens, Coupar Angus and Blairgowrie High School to ensure that there is broad support for this scheme.

“I am delighted with the level of enthusiasm that has been displayed by parents, and for the overwhelming amount of donations that so far been received.

“This is a scheme that benefits our children, our community and our environment, and I am hopeful that it can become a yearly tradition.”

Items of clothing can be dropped off at the Blairgowrie and Rattray Development Trust office at Wellmeadow, Blairgowrie or at Blairgowrie Library. The next date to pick up items is Wednesday, August 7th at Rattray Connect between 10am-3pm and 5pm-8pm. For more information, please call Donna McEwan on 07960442026.

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