Publised date : 04 Dec 2015

John Swinney, MSP for Perthshire North, marked Small Business Saturday with a visit to The Wee Coffee Shop in Blairgowrie

The visit celebrates and promotes the vital role small business play in Scotland’s economy. This year’s event follows on from the success of last year’s visits in Blairgowrie and recognises the tremendous successes within the town underpinned by small businesses.

The Wee Coffee Shop is owned and run by Anne-Marie Kemp, who won a “Love to Eat Perthshire” award for best coffee, homemade cakes and lunches.  Over and above this success the business has also previously won Best Light Lunch and Outstanding Customer Service awards.

 John Swinney said:

“We increasingly recognise that small businesses, exactly like the Wee Coffee Shop, are central to Scotland’s economy and it is so important that we back them by shopping local whenever we can.

“Blairgowrie is a wonderful example of what town centres can create when the right retail offering is presented to a supportive consumer community.

“Strengthening Scotland’s economy has been key priority for the Scottish Government throughout our time in office – and our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has underlined the Government’s continued commitment to this agenda.

“A strong economy is an essential part of a fairer society and we are determined to continue to provide the best possible support to Scotland’s small businesses.” 

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