Publised date : 16 Nov 2015

Perthshire North MSP John Swinney has signalled his dissatisfaction with recent changes to the citylink bus timetable which will see communities in his Perthshire North Constituency with a much reduced service over this winter.

Services to Edinburgh from Ballinluig, Kindallachan, Birnam and Luncarty will reduce from five to two buses per day with times around 5pm or 8pm. There will be only one return service from Edinburgh to these communities which arrives at around 11am with the result that day return to Edinburgh is now no longer possible. Services for Bridge of Tilt, Blair Atholl and Perth City have also been affected.

Speaking of the reduced service John Swinney said:

“I have discussed this reduction in service with a number of constituents and I understand very clearly the vital nature of these services and the effect that these reductions will have on connectedness within rural communities.

“All these communities are adjacent to the A9 and it seems to me that there would be little impact on the timetable to reintroduce more stops to the winter timetable.

“Even in Perth City there has been reductions in citylink services which now makes commuting to Edinburgh very challenging for some of my constituent’s.”

Concluding John Swinney said:

“I have contacted citylink to present the concerns of my constituents and to underline to the company the importance of these services within Perthshire North. I have also contacted the Minister of Transport at the Scottish Government to raise this issue with him.”

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