Publised date : 01 Feb 2017

Perthshire North MSP, John Swinney, has expressed his concern about a gas supply problem in Scone that has disrupted services to some 1,300 homes in the village.

As a result of water entering the network of pipes in the area, gas supplies to the village have been severely disrupted. Engineers from Scottish Gas Networks are on-site attempting to resolve the issue that arose late on Tuesday (31 January) evening.

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“I have spoken to Scottish Gas Networks about the loss of service to some 1,300 households in Scone. I am very concerned about the impact this will have on people in the village and appreciate the need for services to be restored as quickly as possible.

“I understand that engineers are working to resolve the problem, but I have encouraged Scottish Gas Networks to mobilise all their available resources in the area, in order to help restore services as soon as possible.

“I have been assured that services are in place to help people whilst the gas is disconnected. If anybody has particular concerns, I would encourage them to contact the dedicated customer service line that has been set up, on 0800 912 1717, or visit the customer services van at the Old Parish Church, in Scone.”

Updates on the loss of supply are available via Scottish Gas Network’s website:

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