Publised date : 16 Mar 2020

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, has today welcomed figures showing the Scottish Government’s commitment to house building.

The figures were highlighted by Kevin Stewart MSP, Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning. They show that 91,840 affordable homes have been built across Scotland since the SNP came to power in 2007, including 63,048 for social rent.

In Perth and Kinross over the same time period, the Scottish Government has delivered 3,374 affordable homes, including 1,909 for social rent.

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“Ensuring that the people of Scotland have access to affordable, high-quality housing is one of the Scottish Government’s key goals.

“Accordingly, I am delighted to see the progress the SNP has made since we came to power 13 years ago. This is further evidence of our investment in communities, and the tangible steps that we are taking to build a fairer, more secure society.

“Ensuring that people are staying in good quality homes will ensure that we have a happier, healthier population, and I am sure that in the years ahead the Scottish Government will continue to build on the strong progress that we have made.”

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