Publised date : 25 Jan 2016

Perthshire North MSP John Swinney has welcomed a range of cash awards from the co-operative food’s 5 pence single use carrier bag charge.

With awards going to voluntary and community groups across the MSP’s Perthshire North constituency the total in this tranche of payments is a very welcome £10,800.

Some 800 community groups throughout Scotland will be receiving awards in the coming weeks with Perthshire North organisations including:

Strathmore Centre for Youth Development: £1500

PKAVS Mental Health Wellbeing Hub (Wisecraft): £900

Blairgowrie and Rattray Braemar Day: £600


Pitlochry Pre School Playgroup: £1500

Locus Centre Aberfeldy redecoration: £2500

Highland Perthshire Crossing Borders: £1000

Dunkeld & Birnam Playgroup: £500

Dunkeld & Birnam Joint Christmas Project: £200

British Red Cross - tackling loneliness: £300

Madoch Centre - Sensory Garden: £300

Commenting on the windfall pay-outs John Swinney said:

“There are very sound environmental reasons behind the carrier bag regulations here in Scotland, carrier bags were a highly visible aspect of litter and it was right to take decisive action to decrease their number. 

“Notwithstanding the dramatic reduction in plastic bags now in circulation in Scotland, the added benefit of the policy is the funds made available by this scheme which are earmarked for local community uses.

“I am very pleased that 11 organisation in Perthshire North are set to improve or increase the way in which they support our local communities. I commend these groups on their success bidding into this fund and congratulate co-operative food on the success of their scheme.”

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