Publised date : 31 May 2018

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, has denounced as “disastrous” plans to close the A827 between Aberfeldy and Grandtully.

The closure of the road, which is the main artery between the A9 and Aberfeldy, will allow repairs to be made to Cultulluch Bridge. The repairs are due to take place for seven weeks, therefore closing the road from 27th August until October – a peak time for local businesses.

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“These ill-thought out plans will prove disastrous for local businesses. It is inconceivable that, during peak season, the council would take such a reckless course of action.

“The proposed road closure will endanger jobs, lower profits and severely damage the local economy. 

“I, and my SNP colleagues in the council, fully support the construction of a bailey bridge to ensure that there is minimal disruption to local communities. It is frankly ridiculous that such a proposal has not yet been signed off by the Tory administration, and I urge them to join us in supporting local businesses, rather than sitting on their hands.”

Mr Swinney’s concerns were echoed by SNP Councillor Mike Williamson, who stated:

“Any plans to close the A827 would cause economic carnage to Aberfeldy and the surrounding areas. The Tory council must offer reassurances to those affected by the potential closure, and take decisive action to prevent such needless damage being inflicted on local businesses.”

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