Publised date : 28 Aug 2021

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, and Perth and North Perthshire MP, Mr Pete Wishart, have today welcomed the announcement of the opening of the £96 million A9 Dualling: Luncarty to Pass of Birnam project.

The latest stretch of dual carriageway, which runs for 9.5km, will open in a phased manner on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th August, with all lane and speed restrictions removed by Monday 30th August.

The widening of this stretch of single carriageway is the second section of the A9 Dualling Programme to be constructed as part of the Scottish Government’s ambitious £3 billion commitment to dual 129 km of the A9 between Perth and Inverness.

The opening of this section to four lanes of traffic, the most southerly section of the dualling programme, now provides 15 km of continuous dual carriageway from Inveralmond Roundabout to Birnam for the first time.

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“This is a significant milestone in the A9 dualling programme, and I am sure that this progress will be broadly welcomed across Perthshire.

“The dualling of the A9 will improve road safety, unlock economic opportunity and broaden access to the Highlands and Islands. It is an ambitious infrastructure project that will bring with it long-term benefits to communities all over Scotland.

“I look forward to the continuation of this project in the years to come, and to witnessing first-hand the benefits it will bring to the Perthshire economy.”

Mr Wishart added:

“This is exciting news, and further evidence of the Scottish Government’s commitment to investing in every part of the country, including here in Perthshire.

“As a long-term supporter of this project, I am really pleased to see it come to fruition. It is particularly welcome that this latest section of the A9 dualling has been completed during the midst of a global pandemic, which no doubt significantly complicated the project.” 

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