Publised date : 23 Feb 2022

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, and Perth and North Perthshire MP, Mr Pete Wishart, have today reacted to news that the Bridgend Post Office will close on Saturday 2nd April.

The Post Office have described the closure as “temporary” and are currently seeking applications to take over the service on their website, It was originally revealed in November 2021 that the postmaster, Ian Morgan, planned to cease his contract, but at the time the Post Office stated that no formal resignation had been received.

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“Whilst not unexpected, this news will come as a blow to local residents and significantly erode the presence of Post Office services in Perth.

“Frustratingly, this closure may have been avoided if the Post Office Ltd had listened to the widespread calls to allow the Bridgend Post Office to provide DVLA services. This need was clearly articulated both by the postmaster and my colleague, Pete Wishart MP.

“I would encourage any individuals interested in taking over this service to consider applying. It is my hope that a replacement can be found as soon as possible, so as to minimise the disruption to the local community.”

Mr Wishart added:

“It is hugely disappointing that the branch is having to close.  One of the reasons for the resignation of the postmaster was because he was not able to provide DVLA services, including road tax renewals.  I was sorry that the Post Office were unable to change their mind when I previously raised this with them.

 “This closure will not only inconvenience residents in Bridgend.  After the closure of the Post Office in Scone, local residents currently only receive two hours of Post Office services a week.  I am aware that a number of people from Scone, therefore, used the Bridgend Post Office.

 “I hope that a new postmaster will come forward soon and that they will be given proper support from Post Office Limited going forward.”

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