Publised date : 01 Feb 2019

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, and Perth and North Perthshire MP, Mr Pete Wishart, have invited all EU nationals within their constituencies to a public meeting.

The meeting, which takes place at the Soutar Theatre at 7pm on Thursday February 7th, will seek to offer guidance, support and reassurance to EU nationals who are worried about their future due to ongoing Brexit uncertainty.

Perth and North Perthshire MP, Pete Wishart said:

“The sheer number of EU nationals who have approached me or my office is staggering and there are many who are not aware of the UK Government Settled Status Scheme. I personally think it is appalling to ask people, some who have been here for over 40 years, to apply for the status that they already hold.

“This event will provide ample opportunity to discuss the political issues that still surround Brexit but to also provide practical advice on what EU nationals should do next to ensure they remain on the right side of Home Office rules.

“I value the contributions that EU nationals make right across Perthshire and I want them to know that they are extremely valued, despite some of the rhetoric that comes from the UK Government and sections of the right-wing media.”

Mr Swinney added:

“For the past two and a half years, almost every EU national I have spoken to has raised serious concerns regarding Brexit and their continued right to live, work and love in Scotland. 

“The Scottish Government has consistently stood up for the rights of EU nationals – indeed, we have argued consistently that no EU citizen should have to apply for status and rights they already have.

“The UK Government, by contrast, has ignored the very legitimate fears of EU nationals across Perthshire, whilst also dismissing their longstanding contributions to the area. Their treatment of my constituents – over 2000 of them - has been a disgrace.

“Accordingly, I have written to all EU nationals in my constituency to invite them to this meeting. I will be on hand to reiterate my support for EU citizens, to outline steps the Scottish Government are taking to mitigate the damage caused by Brexit and to answer questions.”


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