Publised date : 15 Mar 2022

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, and Perth and North Perthshire MP, Mr Pete Wishart, have reacted to today’s news that HSBC will close their Perth branch.

The decision to shut the branch is part of a wider programme of branch closures, with 69 due to be closed over the next year. The closure date for the Perth branch is currently listed as 26th July 2022.

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“Today’s announcement will justifiably be a cause of concern for customers, and particularly those who feel most comfortable visiting the branch.

“Often the customers who rely most heavily on in-person banking are the elderly and vulnerable, or those who due to a disability find it difficult to use telephone or digital banking.

“I am particularly concerned that the nearest branch will be located over twenty miles away in Dundee – a journey that is clearly not accessible or convenient for those who require branch access.

“I have already been in contact with senior HSBC stakeholders to arrange a meeting so as to better understand their decision-making process, and I hope to discuss this matter with them in the near future.”

Mr Wishart added:

“I am really disappointed to hear that Perth’s HSBC office is set to close. This will be a burden on customers, particularly those living rurally, with the next nearest branch 21 miles away in Dundee.

 “Myself and John Swinney are seeking to hold a meeting with HSBC management to gain clarity on what this means for job losses in Perth, and what is being done to mitigate the impact of the closure.” 

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