Publised date : 23 Sep 2019

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, and Perth and North Perthshire MP, Mr Pete Wishart, have hosted a public meeting for constituents in Pitlochry.

The meeting, which allowed members of the public to quiz the pair on any areas of concern, took place on Thursday 19th September.

Brexit proved to be the main talking point for most local residents, with the politicians fielding several questions surrounding the issue.

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“Public meetings are an important chance for local residents to speak to their elected representatives, and to raise with them issues of importance. Moreover, it is an extremely beneficial exercise for politicians, as it allows us to stay attuned to the concerns of our constituents.

“What was absolutely clear from last night’s meeting is that public concern over Brexit has in no way abated. Rather, the haphazard actions of Boris Johnson – and the willingness of Scottish Tories to enable his damaging actions – has only increased the sense of anger and injustice amongst residents of Highland Perthshire.

“Pete Wishart and I will continue to stand up for all areas of Perthshire, and fight to ensure that the much-cherished rights of our EU citizenship are protected and maintained.”

Mr Wishart added:

“‘I was delighted to hold a public meeting in Pitlochry and have the chance to speak to members of the public about a whole host of diverse topics. The people of Pitlochry had a real interest in asking their elected members about a number of local issues, but also about Brexit.”

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