Publised date : 06 Oct 2021

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, and the Minister for Culture, Europe and International Development, Ms Jenny Gilruth MSP, have visited the Crannog Centre in Highland Perthshire.

Ms Gilruth, who was invited to visit the centre by Mr Swinney, met with management and centre staff to learn more about the project and to discuss plans to re-locate the museum across Loch Tay to Dalerb following a fire earlier this year.

In August, the Scottish Government pledged £51k to help support the Crannog Centre’s recovery from the fire.

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“I am thankful to Jenny Gilruth for the considerable time that she spent meeting with staff at the Crannog Centre and learning more about the fantastic work they are undertaking.

“This was a great showcase for the strength and resilience of the Crannog Centre, and I was once more impressed by the sense of togetherness this project inspires amongst its staff - particularly after the very trying few months for all involved with the museum.

“The Crannog Centre is an incredibly precious resource and one of the jewels in Highland Perthshire’s crown. I will continue to strongly support the centre and its management team as they recover from the fire and work towards re-locating to their new site.”

In a Tweet, Ms Gilruth said:

“What a privilege to visit the Scottish Crannog Centre yesterday - a very special place with a very special team of people at its heart. Thank you to John Swinney for the invitation and to all the centre staff for the chance to learn more about Scotland’s history.”


Link to Jenny Gilruth MSP’s tweet:

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