Publised date : 07 Aug 2019

SNP politicians John Swinney MSP and Cllr Mike Williamson have today welcomed the confirmation of plans to extend the opening hours of Pitlochry public toilets.

The toilets will open an extra hour each evening, until 7pm, from Thursday 15th August. The extended opening hours will be trialled in a three-month pilot scheme, under the proviso that it must prove to be self-financing in order to continue.

The move to extend the toilet opening hours comes following a sustained campaign by SNP politicians and local businesses, who have lost out on thousands of potential customers due to coach tour operators by-passing Pitlochry in favour of a town with more readily-available toilet facilities.

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“I am pleased that, following a campaign from the SNP, Perth and Kinross Council have now confirmed plans to extend the opening hours of Pitlochry public toilets. 

“This is hugely welcome news, particularly for the local economy, and I am hopeful that it will go some way to resolving the issues surrounding a lack of toilet facilities for tourists visiting the town.

“It is disappointing that a proactive solution could not be found, and that it took a significant loss of footfall to the area to spur the Tory council into action. It is my hope that, going forward, the council will offer greater support to Highland Perthshire and its businesses.”

Mike Williamson added: 

“I am delighted that a positive solution has been found to a very serious challenge for Pitlochry and its businesses.

“I have strongly advocated the extension of toilet opening hours and, from speaking to business owners, I know that such a move will be hugely welcomed. 

“I will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that Pitlochry is best-equipped to take advantage of the increased number of tourists visiting the town on a daily basis.”

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