Publised date : 22 Nov 2015

Perthshire North MSP John Swinney and Perth and north Perthshire MP Pete Wishart have signalled their disappointment at Royal Bank of Scotland’s decision to press ahead with the closure of their Alyth Branch.

The decision, seen as an added blow to a community recovering from the exceptional flooding in July, has been met with resistance by the community and politicians alike.

A recent concession by RBS in their closure plan, originally scheduled for mid-November, will see the branch remain open until 18 May 2016.

Commenting on the decision John Swinney said:

"In the aftermath of the severe flooding that affected Alyth in July, the announcement of the closure of the Alyth branch of RBS was another serious blow. I asked RBS to re-consider their plans and I welcome the fact they have now agreed an extension in the operations of the branch until 18 May 2016.

“There are a range of provisions being put in place to deal with the consequences of the closure and I will continue to engage with constituents to ensure these meet their needs. This decision, combined with the changes to Bank of Scotland opening hours, will undoubtedly affects local access to banking services, on which I will continue to make representations to the banks."

Pete Wishart MP added:

“I have had many of my constituents contact me about the decision to close the RBS branch in Alyth particularly at such a challenging time when many are still organising their lives after the terrible flooding in July.

“Whilst I welcome the decision to extend the operation of the branch I will, together with John Swinney MSP, continue to engage with RBS and my constituents to ensure that the community’s needs are met after May 2016.”


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