Publised date : 01 Dec 2015

John Swinney MSP for Perthshire North has welcomed news that Perth Based Tower bakery has recently extended their contract with ASDA which will see the company supply more prod8uct lines to even more SDA stores.

The Perthshire Bakery will mark 35 years in business this year and the addition of a further seven product lines to a further ten ASDA stores will be cause for additional celebration at the company.

Welcoming the success John Swinney said:

“Well done to all the team at Tower Bakery for this continued success and business growth in partnership with ASDA.

“This commitment to quality and supply chain reliability places this local firm on a sound foundation with which to continue growing their business still further

“Tower Bakery is an exceptionally well-known brand around Perthshire and I look forward to them continuing with this success even further afield.”

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