Publised date : 28 Jan 2016

Perthshire North MSP Mr John Swinney visited the Blairgowrie Headquarters of Glen Hydro, a Perthshire company specialising in development and consultancy of hydro powered renewable energy. The local MSP was greeted by Richard Haworth, the company’s Technical & Development Director and met up the whole team thereafter.

The company design, install, operate and own hydroelectric schemes throughout Scotland. Working as developers they offer the opportunity to generate income from smaller rivers or burns. The East Perthshire company has a strong engineering background delivering practical reliable advice about the economic viability and technical feasibility of watercourses as a hydro investment.

At the same time their approach is environmentally sensitive, resulting in efficient hydro schemes discreetly sited within the landscape. The company’s focus is on developments over 100kW and up to 2MW in capacity.

Commenting after the visit John Swinney said:

‘It was very pleased to catch up with Richard Haworth and discuss the ongoing development of this first class local business delivering world class hydro solutions.

‘Glen Hydro continues to deliver for their clients and in so doing adds valuable capacity to Scotland’s enviable green energy credentials. There are a range of challenges facing renewable energy companies in the UK at the moment particularly in relation to Feed in Tariffs which was the main area of our discussion.

‘I wish Glen Hydro every success for the future and will continue, with my Westminster colleague Pete Wishart MP, to do all I can to secure the best legislative conditions possible to assist growth in this first class Scottish business.’


Notes: Pictured left to right are Richard Haworth, Tim Copeland, John Swinney MSP, Lucie Thomas and Michael Woods


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