Publised date : 03 Aug 2016

Perthshire North MSP, John Swinney and his Westminster colleague, Pete Wishart MP, have spoken out against the proposed closure of Bank of Scotland branches in Coupar Angus, Perth and Scone, that could affect hundreds of customers in their constituencies.

The news, announced by the Bank of Scotland on 3 August, has been greeted with dismay by the local representatives who have contacted the Bank to ensure local customers are not denied access to services as a result of the closure.

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“I am very disappointed that the Bank of Scotland has decided to close three of their Branches in Perth, Coupar Angus and Scone. This decision will be a very damaging blow to the local economy and one that I am sure will disappoint their local customers.

“I have pressed the Bank of Scotland to ensure none of their customers are left disadvantaged by this move. It is essential that the Bank ensures there is sufficient capacity elsewhere, to cater for all the needs of the customers that will be let down by this decision.

“It is vital that local customers are not denied access to banking services, and that is why it is welcome there is a greater rollout of “mobile branch” services in the area. There are several people and businesses who will rely on the services available at their local branch and it is very important that the Bank of Scotland continues to provide these services, despite the proposed closure of their branches.

“I will continue to monitor this situation very closely, and will remain in contact with the Bank of Scotland to help ensure no local bank users are left disadvantaged by their decision.”

Speaking today (3rd August), Mr Wishart said:

“I am very concerned to hear about these planned branch closures and I will be asking Bank of Scotland to re-examine this decision. Given the number of changes to branch hours, including a recent reduction to hours in Blairgowrie, I will be seeking assurances to make sure that people still have access to local banking services.

“Whilst many people use online and mobile banking services these days, the local branch is vital for local businesses, those who prefer a face to face service and those with no access to online services.

“I will remain in contact with Bank of Scotland to ensure that those who currently use these branches are not denied access to banking services.”


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