Publised date : 08 Jul 2016

Perthshire North’s MSP, Mr John Swinney, is encouraging local community groups to apply for the latest round of funding from the Big Lottery Fund.

The new funding available is part of the “Celebrate” programme, which aims to bring local communities together in order to celebrate events, or issues, important in their area. With funding of between £500 and £5000 available for community-led projects, Mr Swinney is urging local groups to come together and make early applications for funding for any future projects.

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“From music and art festivals, to open days, galas and fetes, Perthshire North is home to a number of community led events every single year. I am delighted that, across the constituency, there is a tremendous amount of community spirit.

“The establishment of a new fund for community events, by the Big Lottery Fund, provides an excellent opportunity for small community groups to make future events even bigger, and better, or perhaps even put on new events that they might not have been able to do without additional funding.

“I would strongly encourage any community groups to consider an early application for funding from the new “Celebrate” fund and look forward to seeing what innovative events might come about if funding applications are successful.”



The Big Lottery Fund’s “Celebrate” Programme is open to applications. Applications are invited from community groups, such as a voluntary or community organisation with a constitution and bank account; schools and other statutory bodies. Funding will be prioritised for projects that can demonstrate communities coming together, and that actively bring together different generations.

Funding is provided on a “first come, first served” basis from a fund of £575,000. Awards of between £500 and £5000 pounds will be made available.

Full details are available here:


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