Publised date : 10 Jul 2019

17% of the total number of children in the Perth and North Perthshire constituency could be affected by the two-child cap, according to new research  – prompting more calls for the UK Government to scrap the “heartless” policy. 

The “two-child policy” allows low-income families to claim child tax credits or universal credit for their first two children only. 

New research from the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) has revealed that 160,000 families have had their income slashed by the two-child limit to-date. 

The charity estimates that the benefit cap could eventually affect more than 3 million children. 

MSP for Perthshire North, Mr John Swinney, said: 

“Social security should be a safety net for all of us, but the two-child limit is having a devastating effect on families up and down the country, with 2950 children in Perth and North Perthshire set to be affected by it. 

“All families are valuable and worthy of support, but this heartless policy turns people away when they most need help, and leaves children to grow up in hardship – which can have lifelong consequences for their health and wellbeing. 

“The SNP government has been left to pick up the pieces, investing over £125 million to mitigate callous Tory welfare policies. 

“In addition, we are introducing a Scottish Child Payment to tackle child poverty. Without the two-child cap, this payment could go so much further. 

“The next Tory Prime Minister should make it a priority to tackle poverty and enable children to thrive, starting with reversing the two-child limit and horrendous ‘rape clause.’”

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